Become Interesting by Being Interested

The goal of Motivational Listening is for the speaker to exit the conversation feeling better about themselves than when they entered. Going beyond the foundation of "Active Listening", Motivational Listening is a specific process that quickly builds rapport with the speaker.

Business owners, managers, and leaders can utilize Motivational Listening to develop their employees, improve customer relations, and when interviewing potential employees. Employees feel valued because the knowledge and expertise they bring is clearly acknowledged.

Employees and sales staff benefit from Motivational Listening training to strengthen client relations and loyalty. Customers that feel connected to the company employees are more likely to continue working with the organization.

Individuals will use Motivational Listening in personal and business relationships. Networking events are more valuable when the goal is to build relations and quickly establish rapport. You become interesting to a person when you are interested in them.

Use Motivational Listening: Become a Master of Networking

Some people seem to be naturally gifted at meeting new people. Most of us can be intimidated when walking into a room of strangers. As a Motivational Listener, you enter the room full of confidence others will notice. I have created a course to teach practical steps to use at networking events. You will be interesting to others because you know the secrets of quickly building rapport with new people. These new contacts will be your allies in growing your business or developing your career. The full 18 modules are available for only $97. Enroll today and be a Master of Networking!