Become Interesting by Being Interested

The goal of Motivational Listening is for the speaker to exit the conversation feeling better about themselves than when they entered. Going beyond the foundation of "Active Listening", Motivational Listening is a specific process that quickly builds rapport with the speaker.

Business owners, managers, and leaders can utilize Motivational Listening to develop their employees, improve customer relations, and when interviewing potential employees. Employees feel valued because the knowledge and expertise they bring is clearly acknowledged.

Employees and sales staff benefit from Motivational Listening training to strengthen client relations and loyalty. Customers that feel connected to the company employees are more likely to continue working with the organization.

Individuals will use Motivational Listening in personal and business relationships. Networking events are more valuable when the goal is to build relations and quickly establish rapport. You become interesting to a person when you are interested in them.

Use Motivational Listening: Become a Master of Networking

Business Networking: Do you use networking to develop your career or grow your business? Great idea! Building a network of advocates is a great idea. The old adage, "It's not what you know but who you know" has been updated: "It's who knows you." The full course is now available for an investment of $97.00.

Some people seem to be naturally gifted at meeting new people. Most of us can be intimidated when walking into a room of strangers. As a Motivational Listener, you enter the room full of confidence others will notice. I have created a course to teach practical steps to use at networking events. You will be interesting to others because you know the secrets of quickly building rapport with new people. These new contacts will be your allies in growing your business or developing your career. The full 18 modules are available for only $97. Enroll today and be a Master of Networking!

We go to networking events, yet walking into a room full of strangers can be intimidating. Some people seem to be naturally gifted at meeting new people. How is it they seem so comfortable? Sometimes when you walk into that big room and it seems everyone already knows each other, small groups of people are talking together - laughing and enjoying themselves. Others are paired, heads close together sharing stories - perhaps closing a business deal. How are you going to fit in? Is there a secret?

Business networking and having confidence to meet new people who can be your advocate is a learned skill. You are in the right place! You can learn the process of Motivational Listening and become a Master Networker.

The course, "Motivational Listening for Networking Events" will give you practical tools and provide the science behind this process. Below is the introductory video from the course. Take a look...

Develop Your Career. Build Your Business

Business networking - it is a great way to grow your business or further your career. You walk into that big room...pause for a moment as you look around seeing no familiar faces.  You feel like everyone there knows each other, you are all by yourself. You wander over to get a cup of coffee or a glass of water, just so you have a reason to move around the room and have something to do, some purpose for being there. You know business networking events are important - but what do you do once you are there?

I have been networking since well before the World Wide Web brought LinkedIn to our fingertips. Effective business networking is not only for the extroverts and is not limited by being an introvert. Business networking is for everyone. Business networking is for you. You can become a Master Networker. When you walk into that big room, you have purpose (beyond getting a cup of coffee). You enter with confidence - and others will notice. After taking this course, you will know the exact steps it takes to meet new people and have a plan to gain agreement for follow up meetings.

You have a business that solves problems. People need your business, they want you to help them...they just don't know you or your company. Your products and services are the best! Your customers keep coming back. Now you need to let more people know what they are missing. There is a secret to get to know people and for someone that was a complete stranger just a few moments ago to be sharing - and sharing deeply. They want to meet with you again.

I mentioned at the top of this page, "It's who knows you." People are smart and generous, they want to help you develop in your career. They have excellent connections - people who can jumpstart your career. When you apply the tools of Motivational Listening at networking events, you connect quickly with those who want to see you succeed.

In this course we look the science (psychology & physiology) of relationships. This course provides practical steps to take at networking events. These are the tools you will use to grow your business or develop your career. Don't wait, signup today and take the next step. You will have full access to all 18 modules! The full course is now available for an investment of $97.00. Take the next step now...