Congratulations! You are enrolled in the Prospect Pipeline™ Prospect Pipeline (TM) and are ready to build a pipeline of prospective customers that are asking you to contact them. They are giving you their name, email, and phone number and requesting that you call.

Fast Start: Getting Started with the Prospect Pipeline TM

Step 1. Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Step 2a. Starting with Facebook Ads: Campaigns

Step 2b. Facebook Ads: Ad Sets

Step 2c. Facebook Ads: Leads Ads

Step 3. Automating The Prospect Pipeline

Step 4. Zapier (Leads Emailed)

Step 4. Scheduling Appointements (Calendly)

Step 5. Media Efficiency 

Step 6. Keep in Contact with a Newsletter

Step 7. Measuring (Facebook Metrics)

Step 8. Exporting Leads

Final: Build Your Prospect Pipeline (TM)