What Will I Learn?

Sales is a rewarding profession and it can be a pain-in-the-butt. It is nice to be compensated for the work  you put into the role. Others you know may be in a job that works them to death – plenty of extra hours without extra pay. In sales you have control …or do you? 

Many times the activity at a dealership is slow, traffic is slow, phones are quiet, but the people you work  
with may not be so quiet. You might be trying to work your leads while a co-worker drones on about  
something or is a complainer. 

You are waiting your turn and for someone to arrive on the lot, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping for  
a prospect to “be back” at the dealership.
You trust the promotions being run will drive traffic. The  
internet leads might be given to you. 

What if you could take control? What would it mean to not be waiting in line for some prospect to walk  
onto the lot. What if you had a list of prospects you generated?

The good news: You have the ability to grow and build your sales. All you need is the  
tools to make it happen. You are in the right place. We are going to get you setup with everything you  
need to build your sales.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for Sales Professionals who are not willing to sit and wait for prospects to come to the dealership. The Sales Professional that will benefit from these lessons understands the value of cultivating relationships with prospects to turn them into customers.
  • This is not a course in sales training - it is designed to teach the exact steps to build a pipeline of prospects.
  • Those taking the course must be willing to invest in building their brand and list of prospects.
  • We all know purchases are emotional. Clients would like to think they are weighing all the options and selecting the right recreational vehicle for them. What really happens is an impulse decision. The sales professional that is with them when the desire to purchase hits them receives the commission.
  • My aim is to get you in front of as many prospects as possible and keep you there. When the moment to buy is there - so are you.
  • The industry average commission for an RV sale is $800. I will show you the exact steps I am using to generate leads. This method has me generating over 2 hot leads each day! What is your close ratio? At 1 in 50 that's $3,200 in additional commission. If you turn 1 in 20 leads into a customer you would generate over $7,200 in commission - all from leads YOU generate.
  • My promise to students: at the end of this course you will generate lists of hot prospects.
  • Students completing this course will have a pipeline of potential customers that they generate and own. These sales professionals will not be waiting for their turn at someone walking into the dealership.

If you get five new sales from the program, I should charge $4,000. I know what it is like in the sales world and most will pass up an opportunity like this because of cost. If you generate 10 leads and close one, you will spend $100 on the leads and receive a commission around $800. I like to split deals with other sales folks. That is what I offer here.The investment in the Prospect Pipeline™ should the same as splitting a deal with me: $350 bucks. Still, I have compassion for professional sales folks. So the current price for the complete course is $197. This is the perfect time to build that pipeline of potential customers asking to be contacted.

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FREE Bonus: Use Facebook Live to Create Newsletter Content

We know it is important to keep in contact with prospects. Not everyone we meet is ready to buy, and when they are ready we need to be the first (and last) place they shop for their next RV. A newsletter should be sent at least once-per-month. It is not always easy to create content for a newsletter.

That is why I have put together this video. The sales staff will generate content doing exactly what they do each day. I am giving this away because I know how important it is and how difficult it is. Not only do you need to keep in contact with prospects, it is necessary to stay in front of those who have already purchased an RV from you.

Here is my method to create engaging content for your monthly newsletter: