Motivational Listening for Networking Events

Be Interesting by Being Interested

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This course is based on the psychology and physiology of relationships and what I have learned as an attendee at hundreds of events. The course builds from one module to the next, so I encourage you to follow the flow from course 1 through 18 (but you'll have fun jumping around as well).

The best way to become good at anything is to do it. Take notes as you go through each module, and think of ways you will adopt these principles into your networking. When you are preparing to attend a networking event, be intentional about how you will put your skills to work. I recommend setting a goal of contacts to make and then taking time to reflect on your success at the event. Record your thoughts on paper or electronically to review prior to your next event.

Networking can be fun. I enjoy it. I know not everyone does...and it is an important part of building a business. Be prepared and be successful.