Email marketing is the most effective form of electronic marketing. Social media channels such as Facebook are good ways to market and advertise; Google Adwords will help get your message looking for the terms you purchase. However, those you have already connected with can be your best audience. You have an established relationship (at least enough to get their email). Stay in contact with them by sending regular updates.

I have created a video tutorial for Mailchimp available today for $19.97. There are plenty of email services available - which one is best? The one you will use. You just have to get started - do not let yourself be paralyzed by over analyzing.  You can set up a Mailchimp account for free and add up to 2,000 contacts and still be free. So get started today! 

You may have thousands of followers on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Perhaps hundreds of fans view your Snaps. Perfect! You have an audience for your content. These platforms make money by advertising - some of your content will be placed into their streams, perhaps 10% of them will see what you have to say (unless you pay). We can expect these sites will continue to increase the opportunities to pay to get your message to your followers (customers or potential customers). I am a capitalist, so I see this as no-problem. It's their site, they make the rules.

You do not own any of your social media contacts. At anytime they can change the rules, and you could lose your entire audience. If you have an email list, you own that and can use it as best fits your needs. Start with Mailchimp today and move to another platform in the future (with your entire, intact list). If you want to be in control, use an email list.

I implore you to get started today! You likely have a stack of business cards sitting right next to you at your desk. What good are they doing? This video tutorial gives you the steps you need to follow to start your list, add to your list, set-up email templates, and start running a campaign - today! (In this $19.97 tutorial, I create a list, template, campaign, and send it - right before your eyes!) Put those business cards you have collected to some good use...sign up for the training right now.

Take control of your messaging today. You can pay Facebook and Google hundreds of dollars or you can invest $19.97 and start your list in the next few moments. When you click the "Buy Now" button, you will be taken to PayPal where they will get the payment information. Once they receive the payment, you will automatically be taken to the Mailchimp Video Tutorial Page. I will provide the exact steps you need to set up your first list, build a template, and send out your first campaign. And please - add me to your list: (I won't Opt-out). I am truly interested in what you have going on, to learn what problems you are solving.

You can "work in" your business, be all caught up in the details of the daily tasks, or you can "work on" your business. Watch the tutorial, build your list and send your first campaign in just a matter of minutes. You get to decide. Keep pushing that pile of business cards around your desk, or use them to build your list and grow your business. Enroll today in my Mailchimp Video Tutorial and get started right away with the most effective form of electronic marketing.