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Please Help Michele Hit by Harvey

It is tough for a giver to accept…right now our friend and colleague, Michele Price needs to accept help.

You've probably seen images and heard the stories how Houston has been battered by Hurricane Harvey. Many of those you see in those news stories are just pixels running across the screen – Michele is real life and needs to start  her life over.

She needs immediate assistance to get into a safe home. Her house was flooded; her car was flooded. Houston is a big place: her car is a total loss, and she needs one to conduct her business.

If you have been moved by the stories, pictures, and videos of the devastation and want to give, consider giving directly to Michele. If we used a GoFundMe, 10% of the money would go to processing fees. If you planned on providing funds to Red Cross or other organizations – consider giving 100% of the money helping a Houstonian you know.

She is still in business – and you could pre-pay for consultation from her. That would provide your business with an expense receipt. We have a PayPal button on this page to donate directly. And if you'd prefer to sponsor her radio show (Breakthrough Business Radio) you can do that too!

If you choose to pre-pay for a consultation with Michele, understand that service will be delivered after reconstruction. She recently moved into a new location and has been forced by the flooding to find a new residence.

Please consider giving  to Michele, you can be certain the funds will be used to help get her back-on-her-feet and will be doing her absolute best to build back her corner of Houston after this disaster.