Create a target audience for Facebook ads based on who watches your Facebook Live Video. Nice.

Business Networking

Time shift tasks...spend time with friends and family...

Today is a great day to start your business!


Customer Service

Video editing on a weekend morning while the family slept...

Business Networking

Advice: Video Blog

Be wary of advice from those who don't have to live with the consequences.


Don't want to mess with a website yet you want a simple, consolidated web presence? I recommend

#‎TodaysOffice‬ is down by the river...the word for the day is Collaboration. Visit

What do you believe as a company....

Video & Music: Hire local talent (and focus on what you do)

Is your business near a PokeStop? Consider purchasing a "Pokemon Lure" (good for 30 minutes). Let your customers know in advance when you will set the Lure. It's a PokeParty!

You are a "Doer"...

Business Purpose (Vision, Mission, it's all great, but what's the Purpose?)

New Class of Product? Need to determine market size? Here's a solution: Identify "Companion Products"

Eliminate and Concentrate. Tidy up the office and be ready for a full & productive week.

Thinking about starting a business? Answer these questions first.

Start a business based on what you already do.

Interviewing & hiring job candidates: Have a sound process.

Business networking is NOT advertising. It is about building relationships with Advocates.

Pricing is always a challenge. The price of a product is independent of the cost to build.

Does your business have a Crisis Management Plan?

Great convo with a startup business from the Midwest: Your company will change. Find a place to start and develop a path to achieve great results.

How will Minimum Wage impact your business? (Terrified yet?)


Young Entrepreneurs Business Week. Summer camp for high school students. What are the ways you can help our future?

People don't buy into something. They buy out of a problem.

Have an idea for a business? Ready to make it REAL? Don't wait...get started today with FREE Training.
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Turn your expertise into a business TODAY!

What is NOT starting your business costing you?

What your business is today is not what it will be tomorrow.

Where to start with starting a business...

YOU get to define happiness. Don't ever compare.

Facebook Live...simple live-streaming video.

Write a book in a weekend.

Capture your business ideas.

Solve a problem. Start a business.

Grow your business. Get out of the office.

In this video we start a business.

Flowers, Ice Trays, and Comparisons.

Is a Business Incubator correct for your business?

Purpose: David Gilkey, Photojournalist.

Pinot Noir, Christmas Trees, and more...

Reason businesses fail: Lack of Customers